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Woman Marcher Channels Autobiography of a Freedom Rider

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Woman Marcher Channels Autobiography of a Freedom Rider

Woman Marcher Channels Autobiography of a Freedom Rider

Anne Hartley, a member of our Facebook family, sent this photo the morning she and her 15-year-old daughter (not pictured), joined hundreds of thousands of people for a Women’s March on Washington, Jan. 21, 2017. In the nation’s capitol, and in cities around the country, marchers challenged President Donald Trump on his first full day in office to a broad range of reforms, addressing gender inequity, as well as racial and economic inequality.

We sent back words of solidarity to Hartley, a professor at Florida Gulf Coast University. “You and yours stood and marched not just for women and your commitment to peace and justice, but for America.”

She responded: “Because of your personal sacrifice for our civil rights, America is a better nation. I’m committed to ensuring that the progress you and the other Freedom Riders achieved is not lost.”

She then rallied all her Facebook friends to get to know the Freedom Riders.

Watch the video,” she implored. “Read Mr. Armstrong’s book, Autobiography of a Freedom Rider. He is one of my role models, along with Diane Nash and Congressman John Lewis, and many others.”

The Women’s March on Washington released a platform, acknowledging #WHY WE MARCH, saying they welcome collaboration and honor the legacy of the movements before them – “the suffragists and abolitionists, the Civil Rights Movement, the feminist movement, the American Indian Movement, Occupy Wall Street, Marriage Equality, Black Lives Matter, and more…”




AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A FREEDOM RIDER - My Life as a Foot Soldier for Civil Rights by - Thomas Armstrong & Natalie Bell